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SMS Messaging

Send text messages to staff mobiles no matter their location

SMS Mobile Communication Channels

The personalisation and speed of SMS messaging make it a powerful communications channel. One of the major benefits of SMS messaging is it is an established, mature technology. It is familiar, people have been using it for years, and no special software needs to be added to the phone in order for it to receive SMS messages.

SMS capabilities – now you can send a visual desktop alert, a mobile alert via the SnapComms application, and also a SMS/TEXT message simultaneously. SMS messaging can be delivered to a single user or multiple users within your organisation

We have extended our SMS capability to now include the Esendex third-party gateway

SMS is available via admin controls where you would enter in the SMS message and publish it (these options appear when it’s enabled). Then we tie into your SMS gateway of choice to transfer/deliver the messages.  It’s a flat fee on our side for this (consistent with our unlimited messaging model) since we’re not managing the gateway (that’s where you would see SMS messaging charges).

SMS messaging is a great way to keep staff informed, especially for those staff members who don’t have a smartphone, virtually all mobile phones are capable of receiving a SMS message. The SnapComms mobile application does not need to be installed on the device.

When people think of Wholesale SMS, they immediately assume it is for external purposes e.g. marketing and client communication. But why stop there, it can be an effective internal communications tool as well? Employees are often swamped by email messages. Add to that the fact that they aren’t always at their desktop computer to check their messages because they are in meetings or offsite. This can result in info getting lost or delayed that could in turn affect productivity of your employees’ work. Using texting as a method of internal communication can help to deliver messages timely so your workers don’t miss out on important info – no matter where they are. And even if your employees aren’t supplied with a company mobile phone, it’s likely they will have their own personal phone, so they still should be able to be contacted.

With SMS you can:

  • Get information about clients to employees who are offsite. Consultants who are seeing clients at their office/coffee shop might require relevant info from their office to proceed. Quickly reading a text can be considered less rude than taking a phone call during the conversation.
  • Keep in touch with contractors and remind them of deadlines
  • Notify workers of emergency situations like a fire in the building.
  • At the request of the Australian government, we have now introduced standalone SMS which allows an SMS to be send on its own, as well as in addition to a normal message
  • Send meeting requests and reminders
  • Schedule shifts and notify employees about shift changes

Because SMS is virtually instant it is a great way to communicate with your employees on-the-go. With more and more people working from home or offering their services part time, communicating via text message makes sense.

Staff SMS Comms for:

  • Systems outage notifications
  • Compliance and policy communications
  • Security alerts
  • Emergency staff communication
  • Reminders and deadline notifications
  • Location specific messaging

Reach Employees

  • Sales reps
  • Police officers
  • Airport staff
  • Field technicians
  • Delivery drivers
  • Mobile service staff
  • Retail sales staff

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