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Quick Publish

Create an instant alert

Pre-prepared instant alerts. Create a library of pre-prepared instant alerts that others  can use to publish urgent and important messages quickly. The Quick Publish feature is designed for a situation where a common issue takes place unexpectedly and a pre-prepared message needs to be sent out quickly and with minimal effort.

An example of when this might be useful is the company email server may suddenly be unavailable cutting off end user access to email. Using the Quick Publish Wizard, a pre-prepared Desktop Alert stating that the issue is known and giving an expected resolution time, can quickly be sent to affected users with as little as four clicks of the mouse. And to close the loop, a second pre-prepared message can be sent when the incident has been resolved.

Another example would be if a particular office location was periodically susceptible to flooding during bad storms, a pre-prepared evacuation message could quickly be published when the flooding occurs.

Advantages of Quick Publish

Accuracy and efficiency. An advantage of Quick Publish for Alerts is that the organization has far greater control over the accuracy and efficiency of published items.

Pre-define configurations.  Lock down the configuration of an instant alert. For example, permit only the ability to edit the duration information of an incident.

Preset delivery options – For example, the target employees and message recurrence settings can be pre-configured to fit best practice guidelines of the organisation. This makes it much simpler to push out an instant alert quickly.