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Mobile Employee Communication

Push visual messages to mobile devices

Critical cut through notification

Reach employees no matter which device they are using.

Proof of delivery

With detailed reporting.

Secure and confidential 

SnapComms Mobile is the secure mobile employee messaging tool for the enterprise.

Flood all channels

Stop notifications on other devices once they’ve acknowledged it on one.

Stay in Touch with a Mobile Sales Team

  • Keep sales reps up to date on organization and team successes
  • Motivate sales people with a campaigns and sales blitzes
  • Deliver important HR and policy reminders
  • Deliver important reminders, for example, to update the sales reports before a regular meeting
  • Deliver product tutorials and information updates

Promote events that mobile sales people can attend

Mobile Employee Communications for Outage Notifications

Example 1: Reach Store Managers of a Large Grocery Chain during an outage.

Due to a credit card processing outage affecting dozens of stores, the corporate needed to get instructions out immediately to all Store Managers. With email it could be days before the message is read, and with SMS, there is no way to know if employees saw the message and took action.

SnapComms Alerts reach targeted employee audiences wherever they are – on the PC, on the phone or on the tablet with critical information. Once the message is acknowledged, notifications stop. Employees are in the loop and know what they need to do. Employees get in the loop sooner. Action happens faster.

Mobile Employee Communication Channels

SnapComms’ visual messaging tools for the enterprise can now be extended to mobile devices, to reach targeted employees wherever they are. With the same rich visual display and message performance tracking as found on the desktop, SnapComms continues to innovate ways to spark employee interaction. The mobile messaging extension features:

Important communications – For important notifications, messages can be delivered with mobile push notification and messages can be repeated on all devices until they have been read or acknowledged on one device.

Message acknowledgement options – For compliance and policy communications, message acknowledgment buttons can be added to mobile messaging formats.

Message reporting – The SnapComms platform provides full reporting on message readership as well as collects and collates ; quiz, survey and RSVP responses.


Role and location specific targeting – The SnapComms messaging platform allows message administrators to target messages by role or (in some instances) location.

Scheduling and expiry of messages – The mobile employee communications platform allows message scheduling and expiry dates and times to be specified for each message. Thus ensuring that out-of-date messages do not overload employees.

Quiz, Survey, RSVP and Video formats – The mobile employee communications platform allows visual alerts, quizzes, surveys, RSVP invites and video to be delivered to employees’ mobile devices.


Deliver Internal Video to Mobile Devices*

Increase views and convenience – Deliver internal videos (e.g. training or internal communication updates) for staff to watch during commutes / while they exercise / at their convenience.

(*) if supported by the device.

Mobile Gamification Options

Build product knowledge and boost morale with mobile quizzes. Quizzes can be branded and themed to suit specific purposes.

Mobile Employee Comms for:

  • Systems outage notifications
  • Compliance and policy communications
  • Security alerts
  • Health and safety messages
  • Location specific messaging
  • To deliver training videos
  • To deliver CEO updates
  • Event RSVPs
  • Quizzes to build knowledge
  • Quizzes to build engagement
  • Sales campaign messaging
  • Reminders and deadline notifications
  • Staff surveys

Reach Employees

  • Field technicians
  • Delivery drivers
  • Mobile service staff
  • Retail sales staff

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