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Desktop Wallpaper is the background image (or backdrop) that appears when a computer first starts up and before any programs are active. It allows you to publish important company messages directly to this background.

It’s an understated communication channel that over delivers on getting employee attention.

Timing of message (i.e. at the start of a working day when the computer is first switched on) is a highly receptive time for the employee. The first message they see is a desktop wallpaper, so they can’t miss it! A Desktop Wallpaper utilizes the maximum display real-estate, taking over the entire screen.

It is flexible in design and format, enabling important internal communication messages to be presented as a background image or pattern – without interruption. The desktop backgrounds can be personalized for each computer’s desktop environment, creating a highly visual solution.



Deliver high impact, non-intrusive messaging that staff see each time they start up their PC, or switch between programs. These background messages sink in almost unconsciously, so are ideal for subtle reminders or behavioral change suggestions. Think of it as a poster at the employee’s desk; ambient advertising presented right under their nose – and visible to passers by.

Wallpaper messages are also a great way to keep remote employees engaged and included in important communications. Whether it’s your internal comms team, IT or Marketing team who’s responsible for publishing wallpaper messages, the deployment process is fast and simple. Each new messsage will automatically appear on your employees’ desktop background without disruption – allowing seamless message delivery.

SnapComms Desktop Wallpaper messages remain live until the specified expiry date. Only authorized administrators can access and change the screensaver message and its duration.

Desktop Wallpaper Example

Desktop Wallpaper Example


Internal Communication teams use Corporate Desktop Wallpaper messaging for:

  • Communicating dashboards and progress against goals
  • Promotion and reminders of company values, codes of conduct and policies
  • Promoting and building hype around upcoming corporate events
  • New Product and Marketing updates
  • Targeting reminders to employees regarding important objectives and targets i.e. Sales function
  • Showcasing corporate branding
  • Wellness reminders (see worksite wellness campaigns)

IT and Cyber Security teams use Company Desktop Wallpaper for:

  • Notifications / warnings
  • Systems upgrade notifications
  • Security policy awareness and reminders
  • Outage notifications
  • Locking down desktop wallpaper policy to ensure the consistency of company desktop wallpaper


BGInfo (or background info) is software that automatically puts all of your computer’s specs and information right on the Desktop’s Wallpaper. With SnapComms Wallpaper you can display BGInfo as well as SnapComms Wallpaper. Find out more here.


  • Targeting – Desktop Wallpaper can be sent to the whole organization, individual employees, groups of employees, organizational units or any combination of these. Existing Active Directory groups can be targeted or groups of individuals can be created manually. These groups can be saved for re-use at any time.
  • Scheduling – Schedule Desktop Wallpaper to appear immediately. Or schedule Wallpaper to be displayed at a future date and time. Wallpapers, like reminders, can be set to repeat at specified intervals.
  • Delivery Options – As well as sending Wallpaper Messages to PCs, the wallpaper images can be sent to mobile phones. These can be viewed by clicking these items from the SnapComms App where they will display on screen like an Alert message.
  • Reporting – Real-time metrics showing the success of the Wallpaper in terms of delivery to staff computers.
  • Campaigns – Bundle Corporate Desktop Wallpaper with other message types around the same topic to drive behavior change. Conclude the campaign with a validation item that requires acknowledgment by the employee.


“Store staff on the shop floor needed something that popped up in whatever tool they were using and SnapComms gave us that ability. It is the tool we use to push information to store staff.”

Sarah Arthur

Retail Communications Manager, Virgin Mobile

“The SnapComms internal communications tools brighten the office making it more vibrant. It has positively impacted on staff engagement levels and brand alignment”

Matt East

Internal Communications, Vodafone

“Screensaver messages have really helped to build our internal brand and culture and act as mini-billboards promoting things of benefit and interest to staff.”

Annabel Barbosa

Director/ Communications, Wintec

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