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Corporate Screensavers

Prominent, powerful and direct



A SnapComms’ screensaver transforms blank, idle screens into digital billboards, allowing you to get your message across easily and in a highly visual way.  It provides a full screen display of pictures, messages, animations or videos on digital screens, such as desktop computers or large display screens. SnapComms’ Corporate Screensaver messages work like standard screensavers. They appear when a screen has been idle for a preset time, for example when an employee is away from their desk or talking on the phone. Consequently, this creates an opportune time to present important messages, as the employee is in ‘downtime’ mode and therefore more receptive to your content.

This tool’s passive-but-unmissable format works well for driving behavioral change and creating awareness. Creative, visual content can be sequenced and repeated to drive a message home. Think of SnapComms interactive Screensavers as engaging, regularly changing, interactive posters throughout your organization.



Corporate Screensaver messages are a great way to make employees aware of your internal communications without intruding, annoying or adding to the email burden. Their ‘always-in-the-background’ format creates the perfect, passive reminder. They are ideal for reinforcement and general awareness messages, and generate a high message recall.

The sequential nature of Screensavers makes them ideal for building a story. This can be highly effective for driving cultural or procedural change, or for new marketing campaigns and product launches.

The major benefits of a Screensaver over traditional static printed signs include easy updating of information, animation of images, message targeting, message delivery to specific locations at set times, and fast swap out of messages.  In addition, the new SnapComms’ Screensaver designer interface is fast, intuitive and fun to use.

Screensavers are useful for:

  • Reminders about upcoming events or corporate changes
  • Driving behavioral change i.e. health and safety, ethics and compliance, wellness
  • Countdown clocks in the lead up to a major initiative
  • Broadcasting corporate news headlines

  • Instructing, informing, training, advertising or entertaining
  • Displaying the organization’s latest videos, ad campaigns or media coverage
  • Presenting a dashboard of key performance indicators such as sales figures, share price, customer ratings


  • Slideshow Screensaver – a sequence of images with fade or slide transitions that builds a story
  • A video Screensaver playing the organization’s latest videos, ad campaigns or media coverage
  • A Ticker broadcasting corporate news headlines

  • A Full screen image Screensaver with an optional hyperlink to a webpage to register, find out more, or complete a survey
  • An i-frame a webpage showing a dashboard of key performance indicators such as sales figures, share price, customer ratings
  • A hybrid Screensaver – design any combination of the above variations to capture staff attention and get your message across


  • Targeting – Screensavers can be sent to the whole organization, individual employees, groups of employees, organizational units or any combination of these. Existing Active Directory groups can be targeted or groups of individuals can be created manually. These groups can be saved for re-use at any time.
  • Scheduling – Send urgent messages or important news updates immediately or schedule the Screensaver to be sent at a future date and time. Screensavers, like reminders, can be set to repeat at specified intervals.

  • Delivery Options – As well as sending a Screensaver to PCs the screensaver content can be sent to mobile phones and displayed as images from the SnapComms App.
  • Reporting – Real-time metrics showing the success of the message in terms of delivery to the device.
  • Campaigns – Bundle Screensavers with other channels around the same topic to drive behavior change. Conclude the campaign with a validation item that requires acknowledgment by the employee.


“Screensaver messages have really helped to build our internal brand and culture and act as mini-billboards promoting things of benefit and interest to staff.”

Annabel Barosa
Director / Communications, Wintec

“We have found screensavers invaluable when we needed to communicate and celebrating our successes. They are simple to execute and are immediate and impactful.”

Diane Robinson
Head of Communications, TelstraClear

“I was surprised how quickly and easily a screensaver could be set up and sent out.”

Penny St John
Communications Manager, The Quit Group

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