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Compliance Software

Drive behavior change

Compliance software in the form of a visual interactive advertising campaign

You introduce it. You build up. You get your main point. And you may have a drip communication campaign that follows. It works in advertising and it works just as well for effective compliance communication.

The SnapComms compliance software solution allows you to schedule, target and manage an ongoing sequence of messages and information around a topic with an optional validation of knowledge or acceptance at the end of a compliance campaign.


Right message, right place, right time, every time.
SnapComms Compliance software can bypass email and push interactive messages to any device anywhere. And Measure Impact.

Messaging formats can include:

  • Desktop Alert System 
    By-pass email with pop-up messages sent straight to staff devices.
  • Staff Quiz
    Test and reinforce compliance understanding and knowledge.
  • Desktop News Feeds
    Send scrolling snippets of information.
  • Staff Survey 
    Measure attitudes towards compliance and gather feedback.
  • ReportingThe compliance status of the targeted employees is available real-time.
  • RSVP Invites
    Event invitations with response options and Outlook Integration.
  • Digital Signage 
    Publish visuals to digital signage.
  • Video Alerts
    Interactive compliance content sent to employee devices.
  • SMS Messaging
    Send compliance messages to mobile devices.
  • Delivery to Email
    Schedule compliance emails as part of a campaign.
  • Desktop Screensavers
    Communicate via interactive screensaver messages.
  • Corporate Desktop Wallpaper
    Publish compliance messages to computer wallpapers.

Key features of the SnapComms Compliance software include:

  • Campaigns
    A bundle of messages around the same compliance topic, usually containing a validation item bundled with nurture communications
  • Commitment piece
    Requires the employee to comply, acknowledge or validate their understanding via a customizable quiz delivered as part of the drip campaign
  • Reporting
    Shows the real time compliance status of all targeted employees and groups
  • Nurture items
    Bypass email and push a drip series of visual education and awareness messages to employee devices.
  • Campaign calendar
    Planning and tracking each of compliance campaign
  • Escalation
    Options to escalate the message intensity and persistence for people who haven’t responded

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4 Out-of-the box campaign options

The SnapComms compliance software offers four pre-configured campaign types based on certain scenarios:

1) Compulsory Compliance – the reader has no option but to agree, comply or acknowledge the message. This option is appropriate for communicating and driving compliance for things such as the organization’s Social Media policy.

2) Option to Comply – the reader is given the option to opt out.
I.e. say “Yes, I will” or “No, I won’t.” And you can gather immediate feedback on the reasons for their choice. This option is appropriate for voluntary policies things such as a drive to increase recycling within the organization.

3) Validation – validate the employee’s knowledge and obtain commitment.
The validation item can include a quiz to check that the person understands the concept(s) before they check the box and say “I comply.” The quiz can only be submitted when all questions are answered correctly. This could be used after a training course to ask attendees a number of questions about subject matter then Comply with the terms.

4) Nurture Only – A series of interactive informational messages.
For example a series of scrolling interactive headlines, wallpapers and screen-savers emphasizing important information. Examples for use include building awareness about new initiatives such as wellness or health and safety.

Key features of the SnapComms Compliance Software:

  • Variety of the messaging 
    The SnapComms Compliance Software includes a wide range of engaging messaging formats, for example, a pop up invitation to invite people to an event, visual communications in the form of interactive screensavers, desktop wallpaper, video pushed to devices  – to keep things different, to keep compliance communication interesting.
  • Reporting
    Showing Compliance Status including statistics such as the % of targeted employees who are currently compliant.
  • Republishing
    An option to republish messages only to those who’ve not replied or acknowledged the messages.
  • Chasing and increased persistence option 
    If statistics show that there individuals who are consistently ignoring compliance messages there is an option to escalate message size and behavior so that they are no longer possible to ignore (for example by removing message close buttons and if necessary, publishing messages to take over the full device screen).
  • Notification settings
    Different types of compliance messages can have specific sounds assigned to their arrival. Useful for customer facing staff or those in the field.
  • Whistleblowing form
    A scheduled pop-up reminder and format to prompt staff to either anonymously or overtly report inappropriate behavior.

More Tools

Common Concerns / Questions

“Pop up’s are annoying are’t they?”

The key is targeting and relevancy. Features such as recurrence and snooze also permit messages to be deferred whilst still ensuring cut through. For less important / FYI messages, consider channels such as Screensaver Messaging, Internal Newsletter, or the Scrolling Ticker tool.

“IT doesn’t have time to implement this”

The hosted version can be tested and deployed by IT in just a few hours. Click here for a typical project implementation plan.