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Internal Communications Tools

1.3 million users across all industries, in more than 75 countries.

Internal Communication Software for







Internal Communication Channels

Deploy screensavers as interactive digital signage for effective internal communication

Visual tools to get employee attention ensuring message cut-through for important internal messages

Scrolling headlines with click through to message windows, intranet or SharePoint

Reinforce internal communications and assess capability with themed quizzes

User generated newsletter, delivered onto employee screens

Deliver messages to mobile devices with multiple visual display formats

Measure attitudes, track trends and measure the impact of internal communications

Publish messages on desktop backgrounds and change and sequence of messages with ease

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Key features

Message cut-through

Ensure employees see important internal communications at the right time and on the right device

Scheduling of messages

Tools to pre-schedule your internal communications, individually or as a pre-planned or adaptive campaign

Message recurrence

Flexible repetition options ensure important employee communications get seen

Message targeting

Target internal communications to different groups of employees in different ways


Message validation options and reporting allow you to measure and improve internal communication effectiveness

Versatile and easy to use

User friendly and connects with other employee communication tools (e.g. the intranet / SharePoint)

Customized solutions

Customized templates and solutions to suit your business needs


Cloud, Private Cloud and In-house versions available

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Common questions & concerns

“I have no budget”

Use the SnapComm’s cost and productivity calculator to identify possible savings. Try a free trial or a low cost pilot to identify value and savings.

“IT doesn’t have time to implement this”

The hosted version can be tested and deployed by IT in just a few hours. Click here for a typical project implementation plan.

“How easy are the tools to use?”

View SnapComm’s product tutorials for a step by step guide.

“What’s the cost?”

SnapComm’s affordable pricing is based on the number of users, the tools you require and the hosting model you select. Please click here for more details on pricing options.

“How effective are the SnapComms tools?”

Reporting options make it easy to measure message delivery and readership. Here are more tips for measuring internal communications.

“How much time will it take to manage these tools?”

The following features help keep that time to a minimum: Out-of-the-box default setting. Delegation of content administration rights. Use of user generated content. Tutorials, usage tips, self serve help and support options.